Why is Eating Plant Based Boring?

“I’ve heard that eating a plant-based diet is boring.” I hear this one a lot. When we talk about the rise of veganism and vegetarianism, there’s often an assumption that we don’t have any fun food choices. Now, I’ve been cooking and experimenting with plant-based foods for over 10 years now as the chef and owner of two vegan eateries –

NaturallySweet Desserts and Night Owl Vegan, so believe me when I say that it is possible to create exciting and delicious meals without using animals as ingredients. But perhaps more important than that—and something I think all aspiring vegans should consider—is why people think it’s boring in the first place.

Unhealthy Food Environments

The problem with unhealthy food is that it’s everywhere. We live in a world where unhealthy food is the norm, not necessarily because we want to eat it all the time, but because there are so many advertisements for these foods and you can access them 24/7.

This makes it difficult to stick to a plant-based diet if you are surrounded by an environment full of unhealthy foods.

Lack Of Creativity

When you think of vegan food, don’t you think of a cold salad? Or maybe some boring pasta? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can be creative with vegan food. For example:

  • Different spices and herbs
  • Different cooking techniques (blanching, stir-frying)
  • Making your own recipes for things like pizza or pasta sauce

Or if you’re interested in making your own sauces – what about using a slow cooker? And finally, when it comes to ingredients – experiment! Try new things like chickpeas instead of chicken in a curry recipe.

Poor Planning

You might have thought that eating vegan was a matter of simple substitution—swap out animal products with plant-based versions and you’re done. But we’ve learned that this isn’t the case. Eating healthy is more than just eating what’s good for you; it’s about making sure your body has the nutrients it needs to thrive. Not all plant foods are created equal, and some are easier on our bodies than others. Some will make us feel full longer, while others might leave us feeling hungry again before lunchtime.

The key to making sure you’re getting enough of the right vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients is planning ahead by knowing exactly what you’ll be eating each day (and snacks!). When done right, planning can help ensure that we don’t make unhealthy food choices because they’re convenient (like grabbing cookies from work instead of apples). It also helps us avoid overeating when we get home after a long day at work or school because we didn’t think about what else could fill up our stomachs without filling up our waistbands too much!

The best part? Planning makes things so much easier when it comes time for grocery shopping since everything already has its own place in your fridge/pantry!


Excuses are easy to make. We all have them and we can all think of a few in our lives that have been used by someone to justify not trying something new or different, or using something we already had.

Eating plant-based is about making food choices that are better for your body, community, and the planet. Excuses aren’t a good reason not to try something different!

Habit and Routine

Most of us tend to fall into a routine when we eat. For example, every day you might have cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and pasta for dinner. The problem with this type of routine is that it’s boring!To make sure your diet doesn’t get boring, try some new things. You can make a habit out of eating healthy foods by making them part of your routine.

For example, if you usually go out for lunch during the week but would prefer something at home instead, pack your lunch every day so that when it comes time to eat; all you need to do is grab something from the fridge or freezer and heat it up. You could also change what type of food you eat as part of your regular routine which will help prevent boredom from setting in too quickly!

Eating boring is a myth, and you can change your habits.

It’s a myth that being plant-based means you’re going to have boring meals. In fact, the opposite is true: eating plant-based can make your diet more interesting, exciting, and fun. Sure, at first it may seem like there are fewer options for you to choose from. But in reality, there are many more ways than ever before to enjoy delicious foods made with whole foods (organic vegetables, fruits, and nutritious grains such as quinoa).

There are also plenty of ways to make eating plant-based fun! You can try new recipes or find creative ways to use ingredients you already know how to cook. Here are some examples:

  • Try making tacos using soy curls instead of ground beef or chicken.
  • Use cauliflower instead of rice pilaf when making stuffed peppers or rice bowls with tofu ricotta cheese instead of dairy ricotta cheese.
  • Mix up your green smoothie by adding avocado chunks (for added nutrition), orange juice pulp (for added fiber), and mango slices (for sweetness).


The first step to change is by embracing a plant-based lifestyle. There are so many benefits to eating more fruits and veggies, including improved digestion and better skin. If you’re ready to make the switch now, start with something simple like adding a salad to your lunch or dinner routine. It’s easy!

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