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Tyson Ventures Invests In Plant-Based Shrimp Substitute

Plant-Based Shrimp Substitute

As plant-based alternative food choices continue to emerge, Night Owl Vegan will curate the latest news and information so that you can make intelligent food selections.

Tyson Ventures has invested in a New Wave Foods, a startup making a plant-based shrimp substitute

Tyson Foods is getting into the seafood business. Through the company’s venture capital arm, Tyson is investing in New Wave Foods, a San Francisco-based startup that’s making a plant-based shrimp substitute. The company, co-founded by marine biologist, Dominique Barnes…

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Competition among alternative protein players gets hot as companies beef up with new deals

The competition for control of the burgeoning market for burger replacements (and other alternatives to animal proteins) continues to heat up. Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are the two leading contenders for the top purveyor of plant-based patties…

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Novameat has a platform for 3D printing steaks and has new money to take it to market

Novameat, a Spanish startup looking to accelerate the development of alternative proteins across the meat aisle, has gotten a boost in the form of new investment capital from the leading food tech investment firm, New Crop Capital. Founded by biomedical engine…

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What Are Your Thoughts?

Is plant-based food innovation good? Is too much being done, too fast? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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