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Spinach & Vegan Ricotta Stuffed Shells


Delicious slow simmered marina sauce layered with Spinach & vegan ricotta stuffed shells. Comforting, healthy and yummy.

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Japanese Yam Curry with Black Rice


Our Japanese Yam Curry is bursting with sweet and spicy flavor! Tender, steamed Japanese yams are flavored with curry powder and a twist of lime. Black rice, a powerful ancient grain is a nutritious and flavorful accompany.

This meal is gluten free and salt free.

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Lemon Chickpea & Farro Soup with Cornbread


Our bright and lemony broth, chickpeas and gluten free farro is a delicious treat for lunch or dinner.
The soup in this meal is gluten free and salt free.
The cornbread in this meal is gluten free.

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Vegetable Paella


Paella is a beautiful rice dish hailing from the east coast of Spain, near the port city of Valencia. Paella often includes seafood or meat. Our delicious Paella is made with chickpeas, saffron and a bounty of vegetables.

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Banana Bread French Toast


Banana Bread French Toast for a healthy breakfast, absolutely! We use buckwheat flour, grapeseed oil and hemp milk in our banana bread, no refined sugars just plantbased deliciousness.
Nut free version can be requested.

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Meal Plan 1


Choose 3- Breakfasts, 3- Lunches, 3- Dinners.

You Save 10%.

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Meal Plan 2


Choose 5- Breakfasts, 5- Lunches, 5- Dinners.

You Save 25%.

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Lemon Coconut Cheesecake


Creamy lemon cheesecake covering a gluten free crust made with coconut, gluten free oats, agave and lemons.

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BBQ Chickpea Burger with Jicima Slaw and Fries


This burger is packed with fresh vegetables and herbs.  Our smoky BBQ sauce adds just the right touch of sweet smoky flavor. We add sweet potato fries a soft pretzel bun and crunchy jicima slaw.  Soo delicious and satisfying.



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