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Zucchini Fritters


Perfect anytime snack crispy and tender and a great way to eat more veggies.

Vanilla Bean Chia Seed Pudding with Raspberry Crumble


Our vanilla bean Chia Seed Pudding with Raspberry Crumble is part of the new category of Snacks that we’ve added to the menu. Creamy and high in protein vanilla bean chia seed pudding topped with a sweet, tangy raspberry crumble. 6 grams of protein, 2 grams of sugar and Low in sugar and gluten-free. A great way to snack.

BBQ Jackfruit Quesadilla


Jackfruit is a great substitute for bbq.  We marinate and slow roast our jackfruit until it’s caramelized to perfection. Peppers, scallions and vegan pepper jack cheese all wrapped in a toasty tortilla.

Night Owl Vegan Meal Plan 2

Meal Plan 2


Introducing our 5-Day Meal Plan. This meal plan includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You choose your package.
Just select: 5 – Breakfasts | 5 – Lunches | 5 – Dinners. Save 25%.

Mushroom, Pepper & Sausage Pizza


Sauteed mushrooms, peppers and vegan italian sausage (soy free, made with peas), our house-made pizza sauce, vegan mozzeralla; ricotta all under a ciabatta bread crust, yum! (2 pizza’s per order)

Spinach & Ricotta Lasagna Rollup with Focaccia


A lighter version of the lasagna we know and love.  Spinach & vegan Ricotta rolled into perfect morsels of spinach, delicious house-made marinara sauce and vegan mozzeralla/parmesan cheese.  Our focaccia bread is a customer favorite.

This meal can be frozen for 2 weeks

Smoky Vegan Beet Reuben with Potato Salad


Roasted beet slices with smoked coriander, paprika and black pepper, vegan grilled rye toast with all the traditional condiments, like sauerkraut, melted vegan Swiss cheese and homemade Russian dressing. Our creamy red potato salad is the perfect accompaniment.

This meal can not be frozen. It is best enjoyed within 3 days of delivery.

Mushroom & Onion Falafel Burger with Roasted Red Potato


Savory mushrooms and onions glazed with a red wine reduction atop a protein packed chickpea falafel burger with Oregano roasted red potatoes.

This meal is best enjoyed at least 3 days after delivery.

Vegan Sweet Potato Hashbrown Kale Burrito

Sweet Potato Hashbrown & Kale Burrito


This hearty breakfast will keep you satisfied until lunchtime. Kale, roasted sweet potato and house-made lentil sausage with melty vegan cheddar in a toasted tortilla. A protein packed and delicious meal any time of day.

Thyme and Butter Bean Pot Pie


Creamy butter beans, pinto beans and veggies in a savory thyme gravy covered in a flaky pie crust. Delicious and satisfying for dinner or lunch.

Banana Bread French Toast


Banana Bread French Toast for a healthy breakfast, absolutely! We use buckwheat flour, grapeseed oil and hemp milk in our banana bread, no refined sugars just plantbased deliciousness.
Nut free version can be requested.

This meal can be frozen for up to 2 weeks.

3 Day Vegan Meal Plan

Meal Plan 1


Introducing our 3-Day Meal Plan. This meal plan includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You choose your package.
Just select: 3 – Breakfasts | 3 – Lunches | 3 – Dinners. Save 10%.

Minestrone Soup with Garlic Bread


Our warm and savory Minestrone soup is loaded with fresh vegetables, beans and pasta all in a fresh tomato broth accompanied by toasted garlic bread.



Simone Ware
Simone Ware
21:21 28 Jul 19
Night Owl Vegan is awesome, especially the weekly meal delivery service. If you're looking to make the transition to a plant-based diet or just enjoy delicious food, this service makes it super easy. Sherimane delivers great customer service with a smile and actively solicits feedback to keep us happy. Check her out!read more
Raina S
Raina S
23:51 23 Jul 19
I ordered a tres leches cake a day before I needed it for a birthday party. They were very professional and made a wonderful cake which was more than enough for the number of people. The owner did mention the cake would melt quickly, which I would keep in mind before serving. Delivery charge was $15, and they did a great job with delivery as well. I can't wait for them to become a cafe!read more
Gino J Capobianchi Jr
Gino J Capobianchi Jr
23:19 23 Jul 19
I've been ordering meals and desserts from Chef Sherimane since she began late night dessert delivery. Her food is absolutely amazing and very reasonably priced. The weekly meal delivery plan is very convenient as more
Glynis Tart
Glynis Tart
22:53 23 Jul 19
Vegan meals which tastes really great! Healthy comfort food, you will not be disappointed!
UFo STatus
UFo STatus
01:14 14 Feb 19
Yall not ready for this food this that vegan vegan...sausage and pepper hoagie will make you slap someone elses momma
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