5 Reasons You Might Be Using That Keep You from Achieving Your Dreams

Over the years, as a chef, coach, and business owner, I’ve learned that no matter what kind of goal someone is trying to reach—lose weight, eat more plants, grow their business – there are mindset blocks that keep them from achieving their dreams.

Here are five of the most common reasons my clients have shared that prevented them from reaching their goals and strategies that will help you avoid them:

1. Putting their goals off until ‘someday.’

Is “Someday” a day of the week on your calendar? Your dreams will likely be delayed if you keep waiting for “someday” Since ‘someday’ never appears on the calendar, you’ll never accomplish your goals if you keep pushing them off. The best of intentions won’t do you any good without a clear plan.

Solution: If a goal is important to you, create a timeline. Even if you can’t start working on it today, at least continue to encourage yourself to start. Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or run a marathon, stop using the word ‘someday.’

2. Waiting to act until they ‘feel’ ready.

If you wait until you feel ready to tackle something challenging, you might be waiting for a long time. It’s unlikely that you’re going to gain a sudden burst of inspiration out of the blue.

Solution: Change your behavior first. Sometimes, the emotions change later. Act and you may gain the ambition you need to keep going.

3. Not making your goal a priority.

It’s easy to say you want to make a change, but doing the work is much different. You must decide what kind of priority you’re going to give your goal. Otherwise, your intention will get lost among the constant distractions of life.

Solution: Identify one step you’re going to take every day and put it in your calendar. You’re more likely to go to the gym, apply for a job, or spend one hour researching your new business idea if you dedicate time to doing it.

4. Giving up before you see results.

Impatience is the enemy of change. And in today’s digital world, most people struggle to wait for the time it takes to reach a goal.

Solution: Just because you can’t see results, doesn’t mean your efforts are wasted. You need to stick to your goals longer than you might think before you experience lasting change.

I struggle with this one myself. Many times, over the past 10+ years that I have been in business I’ve asked myself “when is IT (whatever my goal was at the time) going to happen”. Just when I’m ready to walk away, something shows me I am right where I need to be.

5. Sabotaging yourself just before the finish line.

The fear of success can be a real problem. And if you’re not careful, you might sabotage yourself before you reach your goal. Perhaps you don’t believe you’re worthy of success or maybe, you are afraid someone is going to take it away from you.

Solution: Think about past goals you’ve struggled to reach or those you’ve failed to attain. Be honest with yourself about your feelings and be on the lookout for warning signs that you might be throwing in the towel.

Achieving your goals will take more inner strength than you think you have. We sabotage our plans unintentionally with negative self-speak. If any of these reasons “speak” to you use one of these solutions to help you move forward toward your goals.

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Sherimane Johnson, Vegan Chef, Restauranteur, and Plantbased Transition Coach believes healing is possible through food. Her mission is to help others transform their lives by enjoying the physical, emotional, and social benefits of a plant-based way of eating. Plant Powered ShiftNaturallySweetDesserts & NightOwl Vegan provide several opportunities to learn more about her mission and offerings.


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