Mexican Style Black Bean Bowl


Mexican Style Black Bean Bowl

Dive into a vibrant fusion of flavors with our Mexican Black Bean Bowl! Think creamy black beans perfectly seasoned, roasted sweet potatoes that melt in your mouth, and the crisp freshness of romaine lettuce. All brought together with a hint of aromatic spices and a dollop of velvety coconut yogurt. It’s a plant-powered fiesta for your taste buds, and your weekly meal just got a zesty twist. Grab one, and let your senses take a delicious journey south of the border!”

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Mexican Style Black Bean Bowl

Ingredients: sweet potato, tomato, black beans, corn, romaine lettuce, peppers, scallions, pumpkin seeds, coconut yogurt

1 to 2 servings

Allergens: coconut

No animal products are used in our cuisine

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