About Us

Our Story…

We believe food is medicine. We also know food has to taste good for people to enjoy it. Our mission is to encourage a plant-based way by making it flavorful and convenient. Our plant-based and delicious meals are created with your best health in mind.

Eating plant-based is not always convenient, plus it can take some time to learn how to make satisfying plant-based meals. Sometimes it can even feel intimidating. At Night Owl Vegan we make it easy to enjoy the benefits of eating plant-based.

I remember when I started my plant-based journey over 14 years ago. It was hard trying to figure out what and how to eat. Chronic health issues and overmedication made me seek a non-pharmaceutical option to improve my health. I discovered the healing benefits of a plant-based way of eating, and it improved my life. I created Night Owl Vegan to help those who like me, wanted to eat better and improve their lives, but didn’t know what to do.

Our mission at Night Owl Vegan is to Delight you with our plant-based cuisine.