How Night Owl Vegan Came To Be...

Hi, welcome to Night Owl Vegan, formerly

We had to change the name of InsomniaVegan. Insomnia Cookies advised us we were confusing their brand so they asked us to change the name.

Thank you to all of our Insomnia Vegan customers. We have missed all of you too. Our deliveries will start again in a few weeks!! We look forward to bringing delicious vegan desserts delivered right to your door!

To all my new Night Owl Vegan customers you will be delighted by our 100% plant based desserts. We use vegetables, fruits, natural sugars, herbs and spices in our scrumptious and nutritious creations.

Also, I’m not sure if you knew – NaturallySweet Desserts (, @SweetsBaker, is one of my businesses as well. We have been posting about the business pitch contest we won and the Cafe we are opening.  I have an update. Opening the Cafe has been a challenge but entrepreneurs keep pressing until we get it done!!  We are targeting the grand opening for Spring of 2019.

More to come on the Cafe, I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime Night Owl Vegan can satisfy your late night vegan sweets cravings until the Cafe is open😊😋. When the new menu is up I will post the update on FB, IG and

See you soon!!

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    Sherimane Johnson
    Sweets Baker