How to Make Mother’s Day Meaningful for Your Vegan or Vegetarian Mom

Our moms do so much for us, it’s only natural to want to do something special for them in return. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show them just how much you care. If your mom is a vegetarian or vegan, here’s how to make the day extra special.

Cook For Her

No mom is going to turn down a home-cooked meal from their child, and breakfast in bed is the classic Mother’s Day treat. Why not make your mom delicious banana hazelnut pancakes from Vegan Society with a side of freshly squeezed juice? It’s a sweet and satisfying way to get her day off to a stellar start!

Or, really impress her with a full-cooked dinner. There are so many tasty vegetarian and vegan meals that everyone can enjoy, from quinoa burgers to spaghetti squash pasta. The joy of cooking and sharing a meal with someone you love is immeasurable, and it’s a wonderful way to sit down, relax, and just bond for a while.

If you’re really stumped for the right recipe combinations, there’s an app for that! Try Food Monster, which offers over 5,000 vegan recipes, or Green Kitchen, which allows you to share ingredients with your shopping list. You’ll find the right menu in no time!

If, on the other hand, you don’t feel like spending time in the kitchen, let Night Owl Vegan do the cooking for you. They can handle whatever you’re looking for—entrees, snacks, breakfast, or lunch!

Spend the Day in the Garden

May is the perfect time to start a garden. Whether your mom is a seasoned pro or trying to create the garden of her dreams, she’ll appreciate you spending the day with her to kick off the project.

While planting, plan for growth. Give herbs and vegetables plenty of space to grow, and remember that some plants can grow vertically to save space. You can also add a nice pop of color by planting edible flowers between rows.

Further, spruce up the backyard by adding a bench to sit on or installing a stone path. Outdoor furniture can be sourced affordably through online retailers. Making improvements to your backyard is also a great way to add value to your home. Top off the new outdoor space with some solar lights and a firepit so she can savor the gift in the evening hours.

Note that unlike the interior of your house, your neighbors can easily see your project. For any large redesigns, you should keep them in mind and be sure to consult any local codes or the homeowner association for any restrictions.

Have a Spa Day

Mom works hard, so maybe a little pampering is in order. Treat her to the spa day she deserves and give her the day off. Treat your time with mom like a mini-vacation, and allow yourself to take some much-need time away from some of your normal responsibilities. Maybe she would love a matching Mani and Pedi, or a massage and facial could be just what she needs.

If, however, you want a DIY alternative, offers many great ways you can make your own vegan products for an at-home spa experience. Hire a massage therapist to come to the house and then provide her with your own cruelty-free massage oils, and let the relaxation begin. A little lavender and eucalyptus, and mom will be feeling like a million bucks!

Sample Local Flavors

When in doubt, take mom out for a day date. You can’t go wrong with spending the day together! Bring your shopping bags and hit a farmer’s market, visit a U-pick farm, or scour the countryside for greenhouses. A full tank of gas and a full day together can be just the ticket! You’ll make wonderful memories while savoring the fresh air and having fun.

Tell Her How Much She Means To You

Mother’s Day is all about showing Mom how much she means to you. Your mom deserves the best! Whether you go out or stay in, spending time with her is a great way to do that.

This article is brought to you by Night Owl Vegan, where our mission is to encourage a plant-based way of eating because of the benefits to your health, body, and mind. Our plant-based and delicious meals are created with your best health in mind. For more information, contact us today!

The featured author for this article is Sheila Johnson. You can read her other work on her website.


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